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The Serpentine Scrolls - Alcatraz Dey - Book Review 

The debut novel of the Author Alcatraz Dey, his name is as mysterious as the book is!

First Impression – One of the best cover in the recent times, very intriguing and palatial, apt cover and the blurb was also pretty impressive.

Overall Impression - The novel is a mystery thriller, written with elated thoughts and research. The book starts on a fantasy note, with the unbelievable story line but with supporting details extracted from History and a Religious book that brings in enough involvement. A breathtaking ride, with a different plot and definitely an excellent, winning try.

What I loved about the book? – It's been the really long time that a book explained the depth of “Pain” and this book did it. Sincere appreciation to Alcatraz for taking genuine steps to add value to a  fantasy book from elsewhere, and yes, one can’t skim through this book ever, it redefines the word “Interesting” as one can’t skip a line, once started.

The love story, though the story lack enough information about what makes the protagonist Ihsin to feel so deeply, madly, and truly with his love life, taking “reader’s imagination” route, a real and attractive, intense desire, indeed, that makes one raise brows. The author’s brilliance is proven throughout the book, where his understanding of the nuances to hug the reader tight with plot knots, and twists. A bow to his skills.

I loved the parts where the protagonist's transformation (Well, I don’t want to reveal anything in detail) and the “Feel of pain” is explained. Kudos!

Ratings: 4.5/5 from a layman reader’s point and 5/5 from a fantasy/mystery lover’s point

Wow Factors: 1) Plot 2) Narration 3) References from History and Religion

Frown Factors: 1) Few grammatical errors 2) Few names were confusing 3) A bit boring in between, if crisped, would have been the best book in the Mystery genre (Nevertheless, it already is)