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The I.T. immigrant - Neeraj Kumar's maiden novel

The I.T. Immigrant - Neeraj Kumar, the book's cover is a definite plus. Any trespasser would pick it up to have a brief look, especially those who fall under the IT umbrella would definitely do.

The book starts off from the author's point of view and talks about a good evolution of a Man's life. It was quite page turning and went well for a good number of pages that I didn't realize I have crossed my threshold of sleeping hours.

The first love of the Protagonist, started in a jiffy and ended pretty soon. Same with his second love too, the romance quotient is balanced right in the second half, where the author wins.

The protagonist, goes through a struggle for which his wife supports really well. The importance of the family is explained in the best way, an author can in short phrases. There comes a mentor, who helps the guy, which was also handled great.

Here and there, the tides of fast and slow, hit which could have been better. Otherwise, for the first time writer, the books looks pretty decent. Handling the niche picked is appreciative for sure.

Dialogues could have been handled even better and the second half had some boring areas, which gets balanced with few interesting plots.  Overall a good read, I would rate 3/5!! Way to go!