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Six Teen Mistakes – The Waxing Moon (Book Review)

First impression – I loved the title, but not the cover. It was quite dull according to me.

Overall Review: A good book and a very decent try by the author. A recommendation for newbie readers and chick-lit lovers.

My first Nikhil Kushwaha’s novel – I was surprised to first see a beautiful poem on the back cover and then, when I read through the book, was even more surprised to witness a good number of short & sweet poems throughout the book.

An awesome attempt by Nikhil, it was one such interesting read for me. A very cool crack with enough wit, for one to enjoy reading. Be it the most innovative terms he has come up with, that includes DILM (Read the book to know the expansion) or the subtle conversations which reminds me the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series, and the cute little awesome poems he stuffed here and there, all were so good and new.

A worth-it book, which is just the first half and there is another book which completes the popping questions. So  if you are in late 20’s, if you are traveling for a few hours, if you want to spend time smiling and giggling. This book is for you.

I would rate 3.5/5 for Six Teen Mistakes

Wow factors – 1) Poems 2) Engaging conversations 3) Wit factor

Frown Factors – 1)Cover 2) The conversations could have been more crisp 3) A lot of “said.” “asked,” and similar words used throughout in the book, which disturbed the reading experience