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Saved In Srilanka – The book which made me smile from ear to ear right from the first page


This is the first Devika Fernando’s book that I read, and now she is the second most favorite author of mine. (First is Nicholas sparks, always!)

I had no clue about the book and the cover didn’t really convince me, since I do judge the book with covers. But, then when I started reading – I remember the amazed slap I had, when I first visited Taj Mahal. Step by step, I was wondering where is Taj Mahal here, and after few hundred’s when I first saw it, I was spell bound. The same happened with this book. I just smiled throughout, and I really wish this book should never end.

Devika with her flair, takes the readers to an enchanting trip to Srilanka. Now, I don’t need any tourist guide, if am taking a trip, I know about Srilanka really well.

About the descriptions of Sepalika and Daniel: Impeccable and lovely!

I didn’t know, but my mind directly mapped Devika herself for Sepalika and Actor Arnold for Daniel. It is one of the best book, I have ever read throughout my life.

The choice of words, lovely sentence structure, awesome choice of comparisons and what not? I wish I could meet the author for once in my life, truly in love with this book.

I personally recommend this book to every reader I know. Fantabulous job, and am determined to read every book of her.

I just don’t want to reveal more, read the book for the best Srilankan trip – you save a lot in here. An awesome story, about a well-determined women and a nice Irish guy. Am damn sure, all will fall in love with the story!

I rate the book 5/5 overall and few pointers!

Wow Factors: 1) Awesome plot 2) impeccable descriptions and use of words

Frown Factors: 1) Must be the cover, I don’t have anything else to frown on.