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Maya’s new husband – Neil D’Silva

This is the first horror thriller I have ever read, and the book has enticed me to read more of the same genre. One of the top 10 book recommendations from my end, would include this book for sure. The book promises thorough entertainment; the adrenaline rush, fear rush, OMG’s and everything else any horror movie would do to one, is done without any glitch in this book.

First Impression – I always pick the books with black background as it attracts me; and no wonder that I loved this cover. The perfect cover any would like to imagine for this book, especially the 4 lined cross used for every partition which is placed right that readers would connect to while reading.

Overall Impression – Superlative is the one word that I would say; Very well written and the author takes the reader to a different world. The “What next?” and “why this?” gets revealed on the go, and one would finish the book with no doubts but brows raised. It would take few days to get out of the book’s mood though.

#Disclaimer #SpoilerAlert – I usually don’t reveal the story or plot line; but for this book; No I can’t stop myself.

The story explains the life of an agori and how they live their life; the beast within them, how they eat, how the animal in the form of a man would fulfil the sexual desire, and their mentality about how they are right, is written very well. This book would make one run if they find a similar person in any of their pilgrim trips for sure. The book starts off in a normal school, and slowly takes off to the agori world and the transition is so right. To imagine what I read; was spine chilling. I read the book in parts and I didn’t dare to touch it post dinner; and it gave enough room to think what would happen next.

What I loved about the book? – EVERYTHING! Enough depth; a thorough horror and epic plot ever.

Ratings: Undoubtedly it is 5/5

Wow factor: 1) Best choice of words; I found no lag/room for paraphrasing/drag throughout the book

2) The thrill throughout

Frown factor: 1) the climax was indeed obvious, when Maya’s call to her sister was revealed. I felt a tinge here as to reveal it later at the end would have made the book even more interesting.