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Honey Coloured!

Posted on 22 April, 2015 at 1:05

Errr, it was difficult to get up all by myself with a fractured right hand. Luckily, he is always around to change my angles between obtuse and acute, to cushion me with a pillow.


"Been a month that I hit a parlour, I look so bad, right?" I asked him with a pumpkin frown.


"No strawberry pie, you are always cute," he smiled and removed the books next to me to get closer.


I love meeting his sparkling eyes, and that blush always updates my smile.


"I love your unkempt hair, messy thick brows, chicken egg eyes, and mountain shaped lips that look alike a pencil sketch, except..."


"Except?" I raised my brows


"This thin honey coloured moustache you have," he said and had a hearty laughter.


The loop continued with the pumpkin frown, sparkling eyes and stretched smile.


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