Kavipriya Moorthy

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Kavipriya Moorthy - Lives by passion!

Being Kavipriya Moorthy, was quite difficult (Sorry for the narcissism) 

I was shook by a lot of obstacles and unfamiliar, disturbing and ridiculous days that was not really favorable. I took a break, a long break, to realize that I don't want to be a software developer anymore but something of my interest. 

What is my interest? - I had the answer, already, but I was hesitating for a while. 

Then came the man of my life, my dad, he handed over my life's key and told, "Go, live your life," :) No U turn from then on!!!! :)

I loved reading and that was a part of my everyday chores, I wanted to write for a long time, there were days where my dairy would have half-written stories. Somehow, I stepped into Content writing, slowly moved into blogging and finally I thought it's high-time to write my Novel. It all started with "I don't wear Sunscreen." The title took sometime like a child birth, but was an enchanting and blissful. 

Not to forget, Business Analyst by profession, and I love that too! :) 

Welcome! a warm warm welcome! :)



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