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Why so loud?

Posted on 12 June, 2015 at 3:55

The other side was green; I mean really green because it was a serene field with crops. Suddenly; the lush started moving in the opposite direction; yeah! I was traveling via train. I smiled when the train moved; then I thought “awww! Where is he?” and searched him holding the grills of the window that didn’t allow me to pop my head out.


“Hey!” he said and sat next to me with a bisleri bottle and packs of chips and biscuits.


“Phew!” I said, and settled my head on his chest; I really love the factor that I feel extremely comfortable and safe in there; under his arms where he wraps my whole hand with his.


We were moving synonymously left and right along with the train and that’s when he cottoned the headset in my left ear and he took the right; the headset resembled a heart shape with us colliding our heads to fit in the earphones length.


He loves to hear me sing and I hummed the songs we were hearing; he smiled and planted a kiss on my forehead.

He left to use the washroom; and was back in a few minutes; that’s when I raised my volume to sing.


“Easy, easy! Why so loud? People around are looking at you!” he held my right fist and gestured widening his eyes.


“Because, I know that the right side of the headset isn’t working!” I said and he planted another kiss!


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